The battle is the Lord’s

Do we sometimes try to do the work of God, just because we have the “tools” to go into battle?  Jesus died on the cross and gave us power and authority over the kingdom of darkness, so now we can pull down strongholds, cast out demons and trample on snakes.  But we read in 2 Chronicals that “the battle is the Lord’s”.

2 Chronicals 20:15 “…’This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.'”

Recently, God took me to Joshua and stepped me through how they transitioned from the desert to the Promised Land.  Here are some of the pointers:

– Joshua had faith that God was well able (not all of the spies had this same faith)
– They had 31 Kings to defeat in order to obtain the promised land
– Technically, they already had the “tools” (weapons of war) to take the promised land whenever they wanted
– But God didn’t say: “over to you – go for it!”.  Instead, God did all the ground work before delivering the enemy into their hands
– God had specific instructions for how they were to take the enemy, including timing and tactics
– Although they had the promise of God and all the tools to take the promised land, they still needed to enquire of the Lord before taking down any enemy territory
– In Joshua 9:1-15 we read that when they DID NOT enquire of the Lord, they got

So again, we need to use the weapons that Jesus has won for us in His victory at the cross, but I wonder if we are not taking enough note about WHEN, HOW and WHERE to use these weapons.  Do we enquire of the Lord as to the timing of taking down our own “31 Kings”, before we enter our promised land?

Yes, we are under the new covenant, and it is different to Old Testament times, but I think this is more about relationship than anything else.  Doing it God’s way and being close to Him to know what He wants done, when.

So maybe, this means we WAIT on the Lord to show us things, or reveal things before we try to take them down using the tools we have?  Maybe we don’t go for ministry
whenever we feel like it, but instead ENQUIRE of the Lord FIRST and then see
where He leads.

Food for thought….

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