Josephs tests (notes from a sermon)

Dream at 17 – walked into it at 30.  Lots of tests and trials on the way.

1. Pride test. Gen 37:5-11 (Is my mouth saved? The root is insecurity).
2. The pit test. Gen 37:18. (Makes us totally obedient and reliant on God). The key is obedience to God and walking it.  A key to this is hearing the Word of God.
3. The purity test. Gen 39:7-12.
4. The prison test. Gen 39:19-20 (Can I handle false accusation – rather believe what God says about me). Joseph was there from 18-30!  How do I handle injustice?  Do not let it change my relation with Jesus. Tribulation produces perserverance, which produces character which produces hope with produces Gods things Amen!
5. Prophetic test. 1Cor 13:9. Hang on to those promises like Abraham.  Seal them in your heart.
6. The power test. Gen 41:1. How do I handle disappointment? Rom 11:29
– Gods gift and call are irrevokable.There needs to be enough wisdom and discernment to have a plan.  Joseph had a plan to act on the dream (7 years of plenty and 7 years of little).
7. The prosperity test. Gen 41:25-36.  Did he continue to give God the glory.
8. The pardon test. Gen 50:15-21. God will repay, not us.
9. The purpose test. Gen 45:3-8. God sent Joseph ahead to save the tribes of Israel

Discover my gift and direction.  Know that you know.  Don’t have an Ishmael – know Gods timing.  Don’t rush ahead or lag behind.  Be ready to get out of the boat, take risk.  Make life choices to disentangle yourself eg debt.  Seek first the kingdom of God.  The time is now.  Completely surrender and totally focus.  “It is this one thing I do”.  Personal time becomes a privilege and not a right.  Be lead by the spirit, crucify the carnal nature.  Go to the holy of holies.  Keep going when the going gets tough. Don’t count like the world would – don’t necessarily look for success “well done good and faithful (not successful) servant”.  Leave the provision to God.  He will grant favour and the material resources will be given to you. Do your part and God will do His.

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