“Have to” versus “Want to”

From Derek Prince book: Lucifer exposed

“Being lead by the Spirit is what sets us free from the law.”

Personal revelation: if we do things as “have to’s”, then these are not of God and will not please him if they are from the flesh and even if they are in alignment with the law/His ways.  The spirit is who produces the fruit through our relationship with Christ and these will be “want to’s” that are pleasing to God.

We can not be made right with God through actions that are fleshly motivated. Only those things that come from the Spirit within us can please God.

If the fruit of our lives is bad then this is not a queue to try harder but instead it’s an indication that our relationship with God isn’t where it needs to be.

Read Galations 5. Instead we should ask for greater ability to be lead by the Holy Spirit who will then produce the fruit in our lives that is pleasing to God.

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